By Thomas Barregren
Row Closer PluginAny Term Plugin
Row Closer Details

To illustrate how the plugin works, let’s suppose that you shall create a row with a message and a button. The row should be visible to each new visitor until she presses the button. When the visitor presses the button, the row will be closed smoothly. The row shall then remain hidden for that particular visitor for a period of time. When the time period is over, the message will be displayed again to the visitor.

Any Term Details

For each existing or in the future added taxonomy, including categoryand tags, this plugin adds a term with the human readable name Any term of the post and the machine readable name (a.k.a. slug) kntnt-bb-any-term.

The human readable name can be translated (or altered) through localization. The easiest way might be Loco Translate.

The Following Themes work wonderfully with Beaver Builder Page builder plugin (Lite Or Paid Versions)

With WebMan’s WordPress themes you don’t get tied to a theme! Not that you will feel a need to switch it ever, it’s just that I want to play fair, according to WordPress philosophy. That’s why I’ve also created a premium WebMan Amplifier plugin and decided to offer it for free to WordPress community.


Build beautiful WooCommerce websites with these easy to use modules.

Single Product Module

Display a single product with add to cart button or a custom button.

Product Grid Module

Easily showcase latest products from your store or a particular product category.

Product Slider Module

An easy to use module to display a carousel or slider of latest or featured products.

Add to Cart Button Module

Create beautiful add to cart button for your product with easy to use design options.

Cart Page Styling Module

Drag and Drop the module on your cart page and take control of the styling.

Checkout Page Module

Use this module on the Checkout Page to create beautiful checkout form.

Created by Grue & Bleen

Demo   Download

We fell in love with Beaver Builder. But there were just some little things we wanted to improve. Our modules help you accomplish the little things without having to learn code or hire a developer.

Grue & Bleen

A Digital “Everything” Agency
Transform Your Online Presence

Ultimate Addons
Beaver Builder
 A  Library of 100+ Page
200+ Section
Beaver Builder  Templates

Browse Page Templates  Browse Section Templates

Livemesh themes are a web design studio focused on developing WordPress themes and plugins. With over 5 years of experience and more than 12,500 customers for there premium themes/plugins They are excellent at what they do and you can check out there portfolio on there website https://www.livemeshthemes.com

Addons for Beaver Builder

Live Demo

A large collection of Premium addons for Beaver Builder. Building a beautiful website is as easy as drag and drop.

Addons for Beaver Builder Lite, is a free WordPress plugin that comes bundled with 13 professional quality page builder addons built for the popular Beaver Builder page builder plugin.


ADDONS FOR BEAVER BUILDER Premium | 25+ Addons | 50+ Styles | 100+ demo elements


Compare features

  • Premium quality Addons
  • Page Builder Elements
  • Dark Version
  • Posts/Portfolio Grid
  • Demo Site Replication
  • Grids with AJAX Pagination
  • Advanced Grid with Lazy Load
  • Lightbox Support
  • Customization Options
  • Animations
  • Advanced Image Slider
  • Image Gallery
  • YouTube/Vimeo Video Gallery
  • Advanced Image Carousel
  • YouTube/Vimeo Video Carousel
  • Features List
  • Dedicated Support Forum

The plugin comes with the following Beaver Builder addons or extensions. Almost all of the widgets come with a dark version.

  • Services that capture what you can offer for your clients/customers.
  • Portfolio Grid addonthat displays portfolio/blog entries in a nice responsive grid. Masonry and packed options are supported.
  • Blog Posts Gridthat displays portfolio/blog entries in a nice responsive grid. Masonry and packed options are supported.
  • Team Profilesextension to display all the team members.
  • Odometers/Countersto show impressive numbers pertaining to your work or company.
  • Bar charts addonto capture skills or any type of percentage stats.
  • Animated Pie chartsfor visual depiction of percentage stats.
  • Testimonialsto tell everyone the good things you often hear from your clients/customers.
  • Testimonials slideris a responsive touch enabled slider that cycles through testimonials.
  • Post Carousel extensionthat displays your posts as a highly responsive carousel.
  • Generic Carouselelement that displays lets you present a list of HTML content in a carousel.
  • Heading styles to capture effective headings for your page sections.
  • Clients Listextension to showcase the clients that you have handled.
  • Pricing Plansto help get more sales.

The PRO version of the plugin comes with additional addons and advanced features added to elements above –

  • Responsive Tabsthat function seamlessly across all devices and resolutions. The plugin features never before choice of over dozen styles of tabs to choosen from.
  • Accordion/Togglethat capture collapsible content panels when space is limited.
  • Image Sliderto create a responsive slider of images with support for captions, multiple slider types like Nivo, Flex, Slick and lightweight sliders, thumbnail navigation etc.
  • Image Galleryaddon that lets you create a grid of images with options for masonry or fit rows, pagination, lazy load, lightbox support etc.
  • Video Galleryto build a beautiful grid of videos to help showcase a collection of YouTube/Vimeo videos on your site.
  • Image Carouselfor a responsive carousel of images.
  • Video Carouselfor creation of a responsive carousel of YouTube/Vimeo videos.
  • Countdown extension to display a countdown timer on your site pages such as those that feature events or under construction/coming soon pages.
  • FAQ elementto display a set of Frequently Asked Questions in a page.
  • Features Addonfor showcasing product features or services provided by an agency/business.
  • Flat style buttonswith rich set of customization options.
  • Icon list addonthat lets you use either images or icon fonts to create custom social icons list, capture payment options etc.
  • Lazy Load– The portfolio/post grid and image gallery addons incorporate option to lazy load posts/images with the click of a Load More button.
  • Pagination– Create a grid of posts or custom post types with AJAX based pagination support.
  • Lightbox Support – The premium version comes with support for Lightbox for grid and carousel addons.
  • Customizations – Ability to choose custom font size, color or hover color for certain addons. More coming.
  • Custom Animations – Choose from over 40+ animationsfor most addon elements (excludes sliders, carousels and grid). The animations display on user scrolling to the element or when the element becomes visible in the browser window.
  • Sample Data – Sample data that you can import into your site to get started quickly on the addons and some sample layouts.
  • Premium Support – The customers will be provided access to a dedicated support forum with searchable content, private tickets, with threads attended to within 24 hours.

View A Live Demo

Contact Livemesh Themes if you have any queries

Beaver Builder Addons Support

This FREE PLUGIN was created by Clark Marshall who is a popular contributor  FOR the Beaver Builder community.

Kudos must also go to Chantal Marie-Laurence Edouard-Betsy for her huge part.(to see Chantal video and approach)
It works on WP MultiSites.

Plugin at Github

A Demo Video By David Waumsley

  Clark Marshall started  Blue Dog 11+yrs ago in Christchurch NZ when, an aircraft engineer, chose to have a career change and take up the development of websites.
Blue Dog moved to Australia in 2011 and has grown rapidly since. Tegan Mathews joined Blue Dog in 2014 bringing her 20+ years of marketing experience and a wealth of value for our clients. In 2016 Blue Dog launched the DIY arm of their business to provide small business owners and startups with a professional online presence.

BB Connect for Give Donations

BB Connect for Give Donations makes it easy to add your Give donation forms to any Beaver Builder enabled page.
Adds Donation Form and Donation Form Goal modules to the Beaver Builder page builder.
Configure your donation form using the Give plugin and add it to your Beaver Builder enabled page or post.

Free Plugin


Easily add an Author Box to your Beaver Builder theme powered site.
You can change the location of the author box by navigating to Content > Post Layout in the Customizer and modifying the Author Box Position setting.
There are three position options available: Above the Content, After the Content, After Post Meta


Free Plugin

Author is Mike Gillihan founder of PurposeWP


R3DF Beaver Builder plugins:

R3DF Beaver Builder Tinymce Advanced Icon Fix

Restores correct font types to the font icons in TinyMCE when using TinyMCE Advanced with the Beaver Builder page builder plugin.


R3DF Beaver Builder Lightbox Mods

This plugin adds the Beaver Builder lightbox to images links (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif) inserted into the Beaver Builder text editor module.



AFC Template Builder



The ACF Template Builder makes a ‘template connection’ between the custom fields plugin Advanced Custom Fields (Pro) and the Beaver Builder Page Builder plugin. It offers the possibility to make both archive and single post templates. ACF Template Builder is most effective in combination within Custom Post Types.ned with focus on improving your conversions.

Unlike dragable Beaver Builders template layouts, which you can use as a starting point for each individual new post, ACF Template Builder lets you create templates that can be applied to the whole set of Custom Post Type-Posts. If you need to add more fields or need to change the layout, you’ll only have to change one template.

Create consistent layouts for all your Custom Post Types!

130+ Page Templates For Various Businesses.

Get access to the amazing, ever-growing Cloud-Based Template Library.

Browse Page Templates

130+ Row Templates / Sections

Start creating full page layouts with pre-designed sections.

Browse Section Templates




  UABB Lite – Features
  • Ribbon: An attractive lead generation module that allows you to display headings, titles and offers within an attractive ribbon that can be customized as per your needs.
  • Image Separator: A creative module that allows you to add relevant and attractive looking images between rows.
  • Info Table: A wonderful content module that can be used to display content in a descriptive manner with a title, description, links and image to accompany them all.
  • Info List: Another content module that allows you to display a list of items with their respective information along with an image or icon.
  • Slide Box: A creative module that allows you to add content on the front and back of a box. The content on the back slides out when you hover or click on the box.
  • Flip Box: Another creative module that acts similar to a slide box; just that the box is flipped around to display the content on the back.
  • Button: A button can act as an effective lead generation module paired with your call-to-action. This module comes with several ways to make it look stylish and trendy.
  • Image / Icon: A lively content module that allows you to add an image of your choice and an icon among the hundreds available in the library.
  • Simple Separator: A simple content module that allows you to add a separator between the title and the description of a particular content. You’ll love the styling options given here!
  • Spacer: A very simple, yet useful module that allows you to insert extra space between modules or anywhere on a page.
  • 100% SEO Friendly and quick loading modules.
  • A translation friendly interface that makes working easy and fun.
  • Built with responsive designs.

   Timeline For Beaver Builder – DETAILS
Timeline for Beaver Builder is custom modules for Beaver Builder that create the awesome Responsive timeline in a simple way. Timeline for Beaver Builder provides options for-

  • Title,
  • Description,
  • Customize Date,
  • Date format,
  • Date Show / Hide,
  • Customize Separator,
  • Customize Connector,

Connector also has ON / OFF option on Responsive, and related typography options for Title, Description, Date etc, Timeline for Beaver Builder also provides Animation options. Now user can customize Animations effects, Animation Duration, Animation Delay, Animation ON / OFF.

Beaver Builder Header Footer – DETAILS

Create header and footer of the your site easily using Beaver Builder.

The plugin only works with a limited number of themes as of now, here is the list of supported themes –

  1. Beaver Builder theme
  2. Genesis Theme
  3. GeneratePress Theme

Beaver Builder Bootstrap Cards – DETAILS

Bootstrap Card is a custom module for Beaver Builder. By using bootstrap card module users can create awesome Bootstrap Cards in simple way in short a time.

Column Separator for Beaver Builder – DETAILS

Column separator for Beaver Builder. Separate Beaver Builder columns with different shapes.

Expandable Row for Beaver Builder – DETAILS

Simple Expandable Rows for Beaver Builder. This plugin toggles any row in Beaver Builder.

Bootstrap Alerts For Beaver Builder – DETAILS

Simple Bootstrap Alerts for Beaver Builder. It can provide Alerts as per bootstrap classes or you can style your alerts custom. Cookie based notification will allow you to display the alert after particular days.


PowerPack Lite Free Plugin

Dashboard Welcome For Beaver Builder FREE PLUGIN

Template Widget For Beaver Builder FREE PLUGIN

PowerPack Lite Features

  • Row Separators: Tilt, Big Triangle, Triangle Left, Triangle Right, Small Triangle. Use these to add nice section breaks on your site. Check the demo here.
  • Info Box: Create content blocks with icon, heading, description, and call-to-action button/link. Check the demo here.
  • Info List: Create list items with icon fonts, heading, description, and call-to-action button/link. Check the demo here.
  • Column Effects: Round corners.
  • Contact Form 7 Module: Style your CF7 forms from front end with easy to use design options. No custom code required. Check the demo here.
  • Dual Button: Create beautiful call to action dual buttons. Check the demo here.
  • Heading: Write and create attention grabbing headlines with Smart Headings module. Check the demo here.
  • Iconlist: Create list items with over 2000 font icons for bullet points.
  • Fancy Heading: Create beautiful clipping to image heading, animated heading with gradient, color, flip options.
  • Spacer: Manage extra spacing between various elements on desktop and mobile devices efficiently with this module.
  • Fast loading, valid markup, SEO friendly.
  • Completely mobile responsive.
  • Translation Ready.


Dashboard Welcome by Beaver Addons, Achal Jain gives you full control over the WordPress welcome panel using Beaver Builder. You can personalize the dashboard with content and design built with Beaver Builder. You can add heading, contact information, form, video, images, affiliate links, etc.

PLUS, you can display a template as per the user role.

How this works?

  • Create a layout with Beaver Builder.
  • Go to plugin settings and select the layout from dropdown for any user role.
  • Save the setting. Done!


Videos by David Waumsley







A place for Beaver Builder users
to hangout and try out stuff – Beaver Junction









David Waumsley





Drop by and check out Beaver Brains

About Beaver Brains

Beaver Brains BLOG


beaver products

Beaver Modules

Beaver People







Landing Pages


Includes Landing Page and Thank You Page


Landing Page 02

Landing Page and Thank You Page. Also comes with a customizable light box, CSS Driven …

Landing Page 03

Landing Page and Inside Page with a centered form. Live Demo

Landing Page 04

Landing Page and Thank You Page. Simple yet effective. Videos work very well for converting.

Landing Page 05

Landing Page and Thank You Page in a cool blue tone. Live Demo









A Dutch Developer Providing Addons To The Beaver Builder Community



By the click of a button view your layout as if you were on the frontend, not on the backend. Also adds a quicksave button, which publishes the layout with just one click.


Builder Extra Fields

Allows for the use of custom fields in your custom modules. There are currently the following extra fields:

– toggle field A multi-option button like field that could substitute for yes/no selectboxes or one/two/three options. It has no set constraints on number of options though but make sure it fits on screen.

– slider-field using the jquery-ui allows for easy creation of sliders with full-range, min-and-up and up-to-max ranges. Can use step-size. see https://jqueryui.com/slider/ for available options.

– sliderrange-field using the jquery-ui allows for easy creation of sliders with both min and max range. Can use stepsize. see https://jqueryui.com/slider/ for available options.

– pdf-field allows for linking to pdf-files (actually not my work, see docblock in directory )


Beaver Builder Row Styler Unsplash it

This Beaver Builder plugin demonstrates how to extend the background styles for Beaver Builder. This particular version adds Unsplash It background placeholder from the default row-settings.





Beaver Extender Plugin

Extending The Beaver Builder Theme Framework…

…by adding powerful design & customization tools.



Beaver Builder Theme provides tons of design templates and controls to get the design process moving forward quickly. But when it comes to making those fine tuning style adjustments, Beaver Extender kicks into high gear!


Inevitably custom coding will become necessary during the web design process, even with Beaver Builder Theme. So when you need to dig into some CSS, PHP or JS coding it will all be there in your WP Dashboard.


The Beaver Builder Page Builder Plugin is great for building out specific templates, but when you need to add site-wide customizations, or even go outside those page boundaries, you’ll find Beaver Extender indispensable.

Beaver Extender Features

  • Customize your site’s design using the simple, yet powerful combination of the Front-end CSS Editor with real-time design feedback, and the Custom CSS Building tool that writes CSS code for you.
  • Create an UNLIMITED number of Custom Widget Areas, Content Areas, Page and WordPress Templates to build your webpages the way you want to.
  • Create an UNLIMITED number of Custom Labels and Conditionals to precisely control these Custom Content Areas created by Extender.
  • View all Beaver Builder Theme Framework action hooks on the front-end of your site with the single click of your mouse, providing a visual reference for hooking in your Custom Widget Areas and Hook Boxes.
  • Add your Custom CSS, Functions, and Javascript code to your Beaver Builder Child Theme using your Beaver Extender admin options, making your customizations completely “Theme Update Proof” while making it super simple to edit and add to as your site evolves.
  • Easily backup and transfer your Beaver Extender Plugin settings through the Import/Export Options.


More Links







Plugins – Modules

Beaver Header Banner Plugin

Beaver Header Banner is a very slick, clean, light weight WordPress Plugin which is displaying the full or fixed width hero image section before or after the header on Beaver Builder Theme only. It is rendering the Beaver Builder Plugin’s template. Also you can make your header transparent and show the different hero image section on different pages based on different rule-set.

Beaver Lister

Listing the active beaver builder pages and filtering the page builder pages by module


Organize your site content (image, title, content/excerpt, post info/meta, custom data etc) in checkerboard style. It is a very clean, simple, lightweight Beaver Builder custom module. Completely created by hooks and filters. So user can easily customize the default contents from their theme/plugin

Different Menu Plugin

Works with any WordPress theme. It is a very simple, clean and slick plugin. You can easily and quickly change the default menu with new menu on selected pages.

Featured Posts Module

Introducing Featured Posts, a new and versatile module for the Beaver Builder Plugin. This awesome module will take your site to a whole new level, all without writing a single line of code.

The Featured Posts module is packed with features not found in the default Posts module from Beaver Builder Plugin. You can re-position the featured image and post info. Post info and meta have shortcode options. You can use custom field for title, title link, image link; cut off title length; disable the permalink etc things.

Plugin only work with Beaver Builder theme for WordPress. Using this plugin you can quickly re-position sidebar location or add/remove sidebar from selected pages.

More Links









With WebMan’s WordPress themes you don’t get tied to a theme! Not that you will feel a need to switch it ever, it’s just that I want to play fair, according to WordPress philosophy. That’s why I’ve also created a premium WebMan Amplifier plugin and decided to offer it for free to WordPress community.

The Following Themes work wonderfully with Beaver Builder page builder plugin (Lite Or Paid Versions) and WebMan Amplifier shortcodes (transformed into page builder modules). You will create stunning pages directly in front-end of your website with live preview of your creation!

   Auberge FREE

  Mustang FREE

   Polyclinic  PAID

   Q’tron  PAID






Designing Templates for Custom Post Types and Custom Fields with Beaver Builder

Toolset with Beaver builder.

Allows you to create templates for custom post types using Beaver Builder. Instead of copying the Beaver Builder design for every item, design a template once, include in it custom fields and taxonomy and it will display for the entire custom post type.

Until now, you needed to create a template, tweak it, and reapply it to each item. When you needed to update the design, you’d have to manually edit all items.

Using the integration between Toolset and Beaver Builder, you will design templates. You design a template only once and it displays all the items that belong to that custom post type. Templates will include custom fields and taxonomy, so that each item includes the right content, but doesn’t require its own design in Beaver Builder.

One Beaver Builder Design for the Entire Custom Type

This is how Beaver Builder and Toolset work together:

  1. You still design your pages using the same Beaver Builder interface.
  2. Instead of using “hard coded” contents for titles, text, or images, you use Toolset to insert fields into your Beaver Builder designs.
  3. Instead of tweaking and applying the same template all over again, you use Toolset to assign one template to multiple items.

Customize the Design of All Posts Simultaneously

Modifying the design of a website is something we all need to do eventually. It may be needed to improve your content’s usability, visual appeal, or simply to freshen things up a bit.

To adjust all the posts you are using the template for, you only need to edit the original design. The changes you make will be applied to all posts of that post type.

Insertion of a field into the Beaver Builder design is reflected on the front-end for all posts

With a single account, you will be able to build as many sites as you need for yourself and for your clients. Our 30-days refunds give you the peace of mind, knowing that if you don’t like our approach to building sites, you get all your money back.




By Jon Mather

Free Plugins


This plugin allows you to style the Beaver Builder module menu as well as includes FontAwesome icons to deliver a better UI.

  • Easily style the colours
  • Supports Lite and Premium versions of Beaver Builder



The Beaverlodge Pushmenu allows you to create a off-canvas menu using the simple drag and drop functionality of Beaver Builder.

  • Easily choose which menu to use in you module
  • Choose between left or right off canvas



The easiest way to add a transparent header to the Beaver Builder theme.

  • Easily display login/logout link on a menu
  • Simple dropdown in the menu to choose the location



This plugin leverages the power of Beaver Builder’s templates and drag and drop interface to create custom coming soon and maintenance pages.

Once active, if you are not logged in as admin, you will not see the site, only the custom template. However, if you are logged in as admin, you will be able to see and build out your site as expected.

  • Easily register and create unique custom “coming soon” pages for your live site
  • Supports Lite and Premium versions of Beaver Builder
  • Includes free templates for you to use and upload



This plugin allows you to easily add animated page loaders to your site.

  • Easily add animated svg or gif via the customizer



This WordPress plugin is designed to add support to use Beaver Builder templates via short-codes wherever you like.

  • Adds a shortcode column to the Templates dashboard that includes a one click to copy button. Adds a button to the TinyMCE visual editor in WordPress to quickly insert a template without needing to copy and paste or be in the Page Builder Adds a Beaver Builder module to the Basic Modules tab within the Page Builder editor to quickly output a template


WCD Portfolio

Create a portfolio of projects with this custom post types


  • Portfolio CPT with easy layed out metaboxes
  • Supports Lite and Premium versions of Beaver Builder
  • Includes single post template
  • Choose between a popup modal display or post link with the Beaver Builder module

By Jon Mather



2 Free plugins Available From BeaverPlugins


The Rowstyles plugin adds several features and background styles to the row-settings panel.
Adds Placeholder images, Youtube Video and Gradient Background to the selection of row-background-settings

  • Unsplash It Placeholder images
  • Youtube/Vimeo background video
  • Gradient Overlay
  • Row Effects



Sometimes you just want to check what your hard works looks like without the need to save it and reloading the Beaver Builder to tweak the settings. Well now you can!

The Live Preview and Quicksave plugin removes all the panels and rollovers while staying in the backend. It just needs a small spot in your viewport to enable the panels again.

Settings are made from within the Beaver Builder itself.

Add the Layout Settings (CSS and JS-texteditors) and Quicksave button to the top-bar.

Save your progress and still keep on editing.



Addons by THIERRY PIGOT available on Github.


BB Delete cache

Add delete beaver builder cache button in admin bar!

With BB delete cache, you have now a button in the admin bar to clear Beaver Builder cache for the current post or all the website.





Beaver Tutorials
Beaver hooks
Beaver Themes



I am Davinder Singh Kainth. I have been into “all things internet” for over 10 years now. Started as technology blogger and then transitioned into design + dev sphere.

I have been using “Genesis Framework” for all client projects for a long time. Still use it… but topped with awesomeness of “Beaver Builder plugin”.

This website is for sharing my “Beaver knowledge + Stuff” with all you folks using Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder theme.

… also makes cool Genesis child themes @ SimpleProThemes


Add styles to the following beaverbuilder modules

Tabs Module



Accordion Module




A Premium Beaver Builder Template

Creative9 is a premium homepage / landing template for Beaver Builder plugin users. It follows a distinct design with overlapping typography and focus on the textual contents.

Template have various sections: hero image header, about us, spotlight introduction, client quote, services, projects, members, contact and two columns split section.

  • Requirements:
  • Beaver Builder Plugin (paid version)
  • Beaver Builder Theme (optional)
  • Works with other WordPress themes BUT may require few changes for full width stretch

    Preview Creative9 Template




I am Davinder Singh Kainth. I have been into “all things internet” for over 10 years now. Started as technology blogger and then transitioned into design + dev sphere.

I have been using “Genesis Framework” for all client projects for a long time. Still use it… but topped with awesomeness of “Beaver Builder plugin”.

This website is for sharing my “Beaver knowledge + Stuff” with all you folks using Beaver Builder plugin and Beaver Builder theme.

… also makes cool Genesis child themes @ SimpleProThemes



Go To Website

Available Modules
Two-Column Text Editor
2x (Retina) Image
GA Event Tracking Button
More links to Beaver brewer












Ryan Benhase

Is a web and systems developer at a digital marketing agency in Cincinnati, OH. In his spare time, he enjoys getting out in the city, spending time with his two children, and, on occasion, creative writing. Some of his other interests include science, technology, philosophy, art, music, bourbon, beer, and breakfast food.

Click here for more info about my profession & skills..


Homebrew Modules for Beaver Builder

Beaver Brewer is a (free) add-on plugin for Beaver Builder that makes it easy to find, add and manage custom modules.


Beaver Brewer is Different.

Beaver Brewer is NOT another module pack.
It’s a way to avoid module packs altogether.

What Makes It So Awesome?

Beaver Brewer takes a new approach to custom page builder modules.

The Beaver Brewer Way
  • No Extra Plugins.
  • No Unused Modules.
  • A Standardized Interface.
  • Developer-Friendly.
  • Cut the Clutter, Add With Ease, Build With Speed.
Beaver Brewer makes it…
  • Easier to Find New Modules
  • Easier to Install New Modules
  • Easier to Activate/Deactivate Modules
  • Easier to Delete Individual Modules
  • Easier to Update & Maintain Modules
  • Easier to Build Modules
  • Easier to Share Modules


Beaver Builder Peek-a-Boo!

Peek-a-Boo! is an addon for the Beaver Builder Plugin that lets you hide all editing symbols which obstruct your live preview while you’re editing your page. Get a real preview of your site without having to first save and publish.


At WordPress.org PLUGIN

Plugin by MAPSTEPS


Please enjoy this FREE introductory plugin!
Resizer for
 Beaver Builder

Expand your Beaver Builder front end editing experience with the ability to resize and customize the starting position of the settings lightbox.

Intuitive control of your Beaver Builder settings panel

Resizer allows you to adjust the settings lighbox to any size and positon for your individaul workflow.



Welcome to J7 Digital. |

Specializing in website and design solutions for
small to medium businesses, professionals and enterprises.

Links To J7 Digital Pages










Admin Page Spider Pro Pack

Add quick access links to the pages of your website.
Supports a variety of popular custom post types!

Beaver Builder!
Beaver Builder Pages AND TEMPLATES!
Saves a lot of time with additional clicks trying to get to the builder!


My name is Jay!    I work locally in Australia and via teleconferencing tools like Skype.

I’m not an agency so I want you to feel free to kick up a chat for anything web or marketing related

I am a WordPress freelance designer with an increasing love for front-end web development and code.
I have an excellent ability to figure out what will work best for your next website project, and can customize great strategies for design and content.
I’ll go through with you what your goals are and who your target market is, which leads to great ideas for your project! Get in touch lets talk about what we can do! Cheers – Jay



Plugins and Addons which extend the Beaver Builder Theme or Plugin

BBPlugin – Header Footer Templates

Making your own header/footer or custom call-to-action and apply them globally. It adds a simple panel to the bb-theme customizer!

Get It Now

BBPlugin – Beaver Quicklinks

Adds quick links to the beaver builder editor bar to get quick access to CSS, Preview, Save and Global settings windows!

Get It Now


Adds a panel to the Theme customizer which lets you select a minimum and then a maximum font size and then the remaining headings are all scaled based on a perfect ratio value.



My name is Jay!    I work locally in Australia and via teleconferencing tools like Skype.

I’m not an agency so I want you to feel free to kick up a chat for anything web or marketing related

I am a WordPress freelance designer with an increasing love for front-end web development and code.
I have an excellent ability to figure out what will work best for your next website project, and can customize great strategies for design and content.
I’ll go through with you what your goals are and who your target market is, which leads to great ideas for your project! Get in touch lets talk about what we can do! Cheers – Jay

An assortment of custom modules and functionality for the Beaver Builder Plugin

Beaver Builder Module – Shape Borders

A Beaver Builder Module to add shaped borders to your layouts.

Add slopes or curves to make your layouts more visually interesting without the time consuming custom CSS!

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Beaver Builder Module – Layout Inserter

The Beaver Builder shortcode is very powerful and allows you to insert any saved layout wherever you want. But it’s a pain to track down ID numbers and the code itself.  This is a simple plugin which lets you select from your saved templates and insert it whe